Laura and AJ were fantastic hosts for this experience. We had a huge variety of coffees to taste, each with their own unique story and creation process. We learned a lot and really enjoyed our time. (April 2019)


This is an amazing experience! Laura made us feel at home and shared her expertise. The setting is gorgeous and the coffee is delicious! They even made space for our little 2.5 year old to wander and explore. Would definitely recommend for a very relaxing, informative time. It is also quite unique to the area. Thanks so much Laura! (April 2019)


Such an amazing experience that will undoubtedly leave you with a newfound perspective on coffee. Delicious variety of coffee, in-depth knowledge and a fun, yet educational experience. I’d highly recommend for anyone who likes coffee. (April 2019)


Laura and AJ are gracious hosts who make it fun to learn about and experience varieties of coffee from different regions of Mexico. We especially enjoyed the history lesson on cafe de olla. When we come back to Tulum, we will definitely return to Brew Tulum for more great coffee and good times. (March 2019)


Delicious and informative, would highly highly recommend! Laura and AJ are extremely knowledgeable about coffee, not to mention great at making it. Couldn’t think of a better way to start the day than with a flight of different FRESH coffees beachside with an amazing view. Got to taste many different coffees, different than anything we had drank before, and learned tons about the history of coffee and the practices of growing and brewing it. Booked this experience for my boyfriend who is an avid coffee drinker, and he was blown away by how much he didn’t know about it! Bought multiple bags of beans for family and friends at home, perfect opportunity to get gifts and souvenirs. Well worth your money and time. Nothing but good things to say, thank you Laura and AJ! (March 2019)


Fantastic experience. Got to try Mexican coffee and bring some home. If you didn’t know a ton about different brew methods you could learn a lot. Great for the new coffee fan and for long time affcianodos. (March 2019)


I booked this as a birthday present for a friend that loves his coffee. He really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot that he did not know. Since then he has bought a cold brew maker and is going to start to roast his own beans. We both learned so much about coffee…who knew there would be so much great information about coffee? Not us. This was so much fun and we got to taste some delicious Mexican coffee. I would highly recommend this to anyone. The location is perfect with an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea. Laura was a great host. (March 2019)


This was amazing. If like coffee, or are just interested in the craft/food/etc. you will love this. Laura was super friendly and had a deep knowledge of the coffee roasting process. I could not be happier I did this. Also, we were originally signed up for the 10 AM but got lost on the way. I reached out to Laura and she signed us up for the 2:30 later that day no problem. Amazing host, amazing experience. Do this! (March 2019)


I love coffee and feel as though I know a lot about the topic. The information Laura shared really blew my mind. I learned that most coffee we drink is over-roasted/burned and stale. Once I tasted the beans (from Puebla, Veracruz and Oxaco) I could not believe the difference. I learned a lot about different methods to make coffee as well as the science of brewing. It was a bit like a wine tasting session. My husband relaxed in a hammock while I absorbed everything Laura told me and gave me to drink. The setting could not have been more lovely. I can’t imagine having the beach as my view at work. One bag of coffee was included in the tasting session, but I bought more to take home to share with friends. I plan to share what I learned from Laura. If only my home were as lovely a venue as Brew Tulum’s beach front coffee shop. I’m so glad I discovered this AirBnb experience! (March 2019)


Laura and AJ were amazing. We really enjoyed the tasting of all the different types of coffee they had to offer. My girlfriend and I really had fun getting to know them and the story of how they came to opening a coffee shop on the beach in Tulum. They were very knowledgeable and passionate about coffee and the process they use to make it. It was a great afternoon activity to enjoy in the shade and get a boost. Would highly recommend this experience. (March 2019)