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A craft coffee concept birthed in Tulum, Mexico

that’s currently based from St. Louis, MO, USA.

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Conscious Coffee...

Mexican Coffee: A Heritage Rooted in Organic and Eco-friendly Practices

Coffee from Mexico is globally recognized and celebrated for its long history of cultivating organic coffee offerings free from fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

Mexico is currently ninth in the world in total green coffee production (2023), yet, approximately 90% of Mexico’s coffee farmers are small-scale growers cultivating their varietals on just 2 hectares (approximately 5 acres) or less.

Nearly all coffee produced in Mexico is 100% shade-grown Arabica coffee using traditional growing practices that protect the native ecosystem, preserve natural biodiversity, and ultimately delivers more complex and flavorful notes in the bean.

So when you choose Mexican specialty coffee, you’re drinking better coffee while supporting small, family-owned farms utilizing growing practices that are mindful of protecting the natural environment.

We like to call it… conscious coffee. 🙂

Conscious Coffee...

...Conscious Life

Coffee Culture: A Heritage Steeped in Contemplation, Adventure, Sophistication, Creativity and Fellowship

The exact history about the discovery of coffee eludes us… (though we all love the legend of the Ethiopian goat herder Kaldi who encountered his goats all giddy and playful after eating coffee cherries.)

Nonetheless, monks are considered to be among the earliest adopters of a “coffee ritual,” using the “magical” drink to prolong their awake and alert state during prayer and meditation. Thus, since its discovery, the revered drink is considered to have influenced humanity to “go deeper” and “be more mindful.”

The energizing drink is a natural social lubricant that compels people to engage and connect with one another. A rich brew fosters a “meeting of the minds.”  In England, they used to call coffee houses “penny universities.” As the coffee shops attracted intellectuals, creatives and philosophers, it was said that, for the cost of a cup of coffee, you could gain access to conversations and debates akin to those of a higher education.

Europe, then the US, became enamored with and even defined by “café society” with coffee and espresso becoming an iconic fashion statement.

Travelers naturally gather at a local coffee shop to become acquainted with the pulse of the new city they are exploring.

Coffee has even become the inspiration of travel and exploration in its own right.

Need a cause for a casual meet up? Let’s grab a coffee!

Looking to lay foundations for a productive business relationship: Invite them for a coffee.

Of course, we musn’t forget the infamous “coffee date.”

It’s unmistakeable. Coffee instigates people to engage, connect, and take fellowship with one another.

And, isn’t such a warm camaraderie with one another ultimately the essence of life?

We believe so…

We like to call the intentional pursuit of such a deeper, more mindful engagement with who we are, what we do and how we relate to others as… Conscious Life.

...Conscious Life

About Us

Drink Better Coffee... Eat Handcrafted.

“Taste” is a gift…

…and we dare aim to pay homage by indulging the palate through our fresh-roasted, Mexican specialty-grade coffee and our made-to-order Mexican food creations.

Why Mexican coffee and Mexican food, you ask?

Well, half of our husband-wife team is Mexican (hola, AJ).

And, our start-up was first dreamed up and launched along the idyllic shores of the Mexican Caribbean. As the Riviera Maya – from Cancun to Tulum – is a prominent, international tourist destination, we felt it was important to introduce visitors to some of our favorite offerings from Mexico.

Food is a most delightful way to begin exploring local cultures and traditions. Coffee has long served as one of the favored “fuels” for many a traveler. Finally, coffee shops are a natural hub for travelers serving as a “home away from home;” a place to start the day, connect with others, and learn about the exciting happenings and celebrated landmarks found in the local community.

Each cup of coffee we serve is fresh-roasted, hand-crafted and brewed with care using a variety of extraction methods.

We take much joy in sourcing exclusive, microlot offerings from Mexican coffee growers who have dedicated their lives to their land, to their passion.

Explore and savor the myriad of notes, flavors and textures found in our different coffees from around Mexico…

Each dish we present is cooked from scratch and is inspired by the rich, vibrant culture and traditions of Mexico, while also embracing intriguing international influences – just as Tulum embraces the inspired wanderer.

And, most recently at our St. Louis location, we’re also embracing some new tastes and flavors that are indicative to the Lou.

We got our start in Mexico, yet we welcome local.

We know, you have one final question: Why St. Louis?

The other half of our husband and wife team (hello, Laura) is native to Greater St. Louis.

Oh the wondrous tapestry life weaves! 🙂

To learn a little more about us, watch the highlight reel from our Gratitude Tent Takeover at Nomade Hotel in Tulum, Mexico:

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Enjoy authentic Mexican coffee made with fresh-roasted cacao at Brew Tulum!

Watch another fun video about the experience at our recently opened St. Louis, MO location here:
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