Roast to Cup: Roast Your Own Coffee

brew tulum coffee roast to cup experience

What we’ll do

With our guidance and instruction, you will roast your own coffee using a small hand-roaster that professional roasters often use when first defining roast profiles for new coffee beans sourced from new coffee providers. Learn introductory roasting basics, preparing your own fresh-roasted, LIVE COFFEE. We'll then grind and serve the very coffee you roasted allowing you to have your first ever specialty-grade coffee prepared from ROAST TO CUP!

We'll cover:

- a brief overview of coffee roasting basics

- what to look for in green coffee (coffee pre-roast)

- what to look for in roasted coffee

- hands-on practice roasting, transforming raw, green coffee into rich, fresh-roasted coffee in our 250g capacity hand roaster

- hands-on practice grinding and brewing your fresh-roasted coffee

What I’ll provide

We'll provide the raw, green, specialty-grade coffee beans that we'll be roasting in LIVE coffee goodness to brew and enjoy!
We'll provide all equipment necessary for roasting, grinding and brewing our specialty-grade, Mexican coffee.

What to bring

Swimsuit and towel... there is a beach club right on the beach to enjoy afterwards if you wish.

Extra cash... you might want to take coffee home as gifts. The restaurant onsite also has great food options.

Camera... you'll want to take photos of this fun experience!

Value | 75 USD per person

Review by James

"Laura and AJ have a clear passion for coffee. This was an informative, interactive, and fun experience that resulted in an amazing cup of coffee. Its pretty special to come away with a bag of coffee that I hand-roasted myself. This is a must-do experience for any coffee enthusiast." (June 2019)

Additional Reviews


“If you never done anything like this and you are coffee lover, its a big sin to skip such an experience!” (Sept 2019)


“I came here for a combination coffee tasting and roasting class. It was exceptional and I learned so much about coffee! The owners were so welcoming and answered all my questions I had about coffee and the process of it. Not only did I get to taste all the different ways of brewing it, but


I bought this as an anniversary gift for my coffee-holic parents. They were blown away by the experience. AJ’s passion for coffee beans and roasting was infectious and my parents came home claiming that they will never drink Starbucks again. They learned so much and are even considering buying their own hand roaster now! I


Laura and AJ’s personal and professional investment in speciality coffee is quickly obvious. Not only are they entrepreneurial in their effort to bring it to new, local markets; they also bleed passion for the joy speciality coffee brings them daily and the economic promise of community-driven and environmentally-friendly business practices. During the course of my


I really enjoyed this experience. I was really excited to have the opportunity to try a hand roaster, and I learned a lot about specialty & Mexican coffee before we started roasting. (April 2019)