Hands down, Live Coffee and Yoga on the Beach at Brew Tulum was my favorite experience of all our adventures in the Riviera Maya. Laura and AJ have created a beautiful, welcoming space for amazing coffee, conversation and community. Even though we bought a bag of freshly roasted coffee to take home, it just won’t be the same as having their expert hands crafting the perfect cup and getting to sip it just steps from the incredible white sands beach. Of course, that’s after experiencing yoga with Lily and Erik of Audeo – Tulum, an immersive experience that merges relaxing movement and music. Fortunately for me, I got to do this twice. First, beneath the shelter of Brew Tulum with the smells of fresh coffee as a tropical rain fell, and a couple days later on a perfect day with a larger group under palm trees looking out on the ocean. After an invigorating hour of yoga, Laura served us breakfast, smoothies and some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. The hours of conversation that followed were among my favorite memories of our trip. The people behind Brew Tulum and Audeo -Tulum have created something very special in space that’s just breathtaking. It is no exaggeration to say that this experience itself has been the greatest motivator for returning to Tulum as soon as possible. I’m so grateful I got to meet Laura, AJ, Lily and Eric and experience the wonderful things they’ve built. This will definitely be our first stop when my husband and I return! (Oct 2019)


I came here for a combination coffee tasting and roasting class. It was exceptional and I learned so much about coffee! The owners were so welcoming and answered all my questions I had about coffee and the process of it. Not only did I get to taste all the different ways of brewing it, but I also got to taste the different varieties of coffee from the regions of Mexico. Then I got to roast my own, grind it and then brew it. What an incredible experience! If there is anything you need to know about coffee, this is your place to come! (September 2019)


To say this experience was absolutely wonderful would be an understatement! Laura, Lilly, Eric, and AJ were so friendly and kind, and were wonderful hosts! The yoga session under the palm trees was honestly one of the most beautiful things I have every experienced, and the food and coffee were top notch! I can not recommend this experience highly enough! (August 2019)


The coffee tasting with Laura and AJ was a really nice experience and we had a lovely afternoon with lot’s of new aspects about coffee we both haven’t known before and a long conversation about all kinds of topics. It was great also getting to know more about the cultural aspects of Mexico! If you are into coffee and experiencing more than just the tourist stuff this is the right thing to do! (August 2019)


This experience was amazing. It was yoga during sunrise with silent disco headphones and a live DJ. The teacher, the music and the environment relaxed me in a way that I’ve never been relaxed. It makes you realize how tired you actually are. The breakfast and coffee was so good and refreshing. It was especially made for us. You could taste the love. We learned a lot about the local coffee and the process behind it but we also learned about the lives of our hosts. It was great getting to know them. This experience was the first thing we did on our trip to Tulum. I can definitely say that this experience alone is enough reason to come back to Tulum and even live there. (July 2019)


We knew we wanted to do yoga during our trip, and what better way than on the beach? Our class started at 6:30a, which seems early for vacation but it’s SO worth it. It was cool enough for a peaceful practice and we had the opportunity to watch the sun rise during the class. Laura started us off with a green smoothie that helped us wake up a bit more. Lily guided us through a great practice that allowed us to let go and be present while Eric provided excellent music through our wireless headphones. I’ve never used wireless headphones during yoga and was nervous about how it might interfere with the practice but 5 minutes into the class I forgot they were there – very lightweight and didn’t move around or cause problems. It was also the first time my partner had done yoga and Lily was great about guiding him through the poses without making him feel “called out” or embarrassed (he also was pretty good for his first time), so this class is great for beginners. After the class, Laura and AJ provided delicious overnight oats made with coconut milk, oats, coconut, pear, pineapple, almonds, and a little bit of local honey. We topped it off with a smooth warm cup of freshly brewed coffee. If we had more days in Tulum we would do this class again. Can not recommend more highly!! (July 2019)


The entire experience was lovely and exactly what my sister and I wanted. Lily and Eric were so friendly and personable! I enjoyed hearing their background stories and I loved the experience of having music in our headphones. It felt very private, like a 1 on 1 yoga practice! Also, the playlist was excellent!After the practice, we went to Brew Tulum with owner AJ, and had so much fun learning about their delicious, fresh roasted coffee, that we stayed 2 extra hours! It was definitely a highlight of our stay in Tulum, and I would definitely book this experience again! (July 2019)


This yoga experience was absolutely lovely. The music was energizing and soothing. The class was challenging but perfectly suitable for any level of experience with yoga. We had a delicious breakfast after and learned a lot about the local coffee. Would highly recommend! (July 2019)


This place is classic Tulum – Ritz Carleton service and quality with your feet in the sand enjoying the world class coffee with Tulum Heart. (June 2019)


We LOVE, LOVE their Cafe de Olla! As a matter of fact we make it available to our guests in our condominiums in playa del carmen.  Www.everythingplaya.com
We always buy enough to bring home! You’ve got to try them!! (June 2019)