Brew Tulum is the perfect spot if you enjoy coffee on any level, from just getting into it or an actually coffee afficianado. Not only will they be able to match your palette to taste, they will also give you background information on their awesome mission and process.

They also have specialty brews that are worth trying if you like to explore the caffeinated world. The 2018 world championship Aeropress recipe executed with such precision was one of my favorite preparations.

Also, they have some *killer* tamales, both sweet and savory, in limited supply. Highly recommend trying them.

The coffee is great; the food tastes rich and clean; the service is just right, attentive without interrupting the calmness of the scene.

But, my favorite part is AJ and Laura. They have a real passion for bringing quality coffee and preparations to their establishment, and it shows. They won’t shy away from educating you about either, I encourage you to ask them about their process! They are definitely students (and masters in their own right) of the bean. (June 2019)


Perfect coffee experience! Not only are sitting with the view of beautiful Tulum beach but you the opportunity to have some of the best Mexican coffee freshly roasted on location. Laura and AJs passion experience and knowledge are second to none. Wonderful people amazing coffee! I wish I was sitting there every day enjoying coffee! (June 2019)


Great coffee with the view and a really friendly place. Recommended! (June 2019)


Incredible service and wonderful taste to please all your senses. Amazing location and chill-out environment! (June 2019)


Brew Tulum is mind blowing, not only they promote 100% organic Mexican coffee consumption, they toast and grind themselves. 
We got hooked! Went to a tasting and learned SO MUCH about coffee, now we don’t drink coffee from anywhere else.
Seriously this is something you have to experience specially in Tulum, they also have gluten free and vegan pastry to pair with your coffee, delicious! 
We are super happy to have found Laura who is super knowledgeable and kind. 
Don’t miss out! (June 2019)


During my stay in Tulum, I had the extraordinary privilege of discovering what I believe to be the true 7th Wonder of The World. 

I did make time to climb the ancient relics of the famous Chichen Itza ruins. However, if there’s one place I can recommend to explorers and coffee lovers alike, it would be this beach-nestled coffee haven. Without a doubt, the highlight of my trip. 

What can I say… In my book, Chichen Itza surrenders her worldly title to Brew Tulum – The coffee shop at the top, and undoubtedly the absolute cream of the crop. (June 2019)


The coffee from Brew Tulum is amazing!  I never knew there were so many ways to brew coffee, and how each method can make such a difference in the flavor. Laura and AJ know their coffee! I highly recommend you give it try. (June 2019)


Best FRESH roasted Mexican coffee – EVER!

Recently at our home in Sarasota, FL, we were introduced to Laura and AJ’s fresh roasted Mexican coffee flavors made from their very own special fresh roaster (located on site) at their coffee shop in Tulum, Mexico.  They use only fresh roasted 100% Arabica, shade-grown Mexican beans.  We tasted the light roast, dark roast, and the spiced roast.  ALL three were amazing and tasted SO fresh.  We are so excited to try all of their other fresh roasted brews.

What was so fun and interesting is that Laura took the time to educate us on the process of growing and brewing their fresh roasted coffee, and explained the benefits of drinking 30-days or younger fresh coffee in order to experience the BEST taste and benefit from an array of antioxidants.  She also explained the difference in how their coffee is made -vs- the kind of coffee we were used to drinking in Sarasota (store-bought at our local Publix grocery).  Needless to say, we will never go back to drinking anything but their coffee.   

Laura also took the time to show us how to make their coffee at home using our newly bought (very inexpensive) French Press from our local Home Goods store.  So now we enjoy fresh coffee every morning at home. I never realized there could be such a vast difference in flavor and quality, not to mention the unique aroma.  

I would highly recommend their coffee.  Once they begin to ship to the U.S. (hopefully very soon), we are on their mailing list so we can order directly from their store in Tulum, Mexico. We can’t wait. Thank you, Laura, for such a fulfilling coffee experience. (June 2019)


Thank you, Laura, for hosting an amazing experience!! The beach yoga & LIVE coffee event exceeded our expectations and we cannot recommend this enough! The information and directions were very clear and easy to follow. We arrived at a beautiful coffee shop on the beach for fresh made green juice. Lily then led us through a lovely yoga flow on the beach under the palm trees. I love that she really geared it towards all levels. I am an experienced yoga teacher & brought my bf who has never done yoga, and we both really enjoyed the class! Also, Lily’s partner dj’ed the music to the class and we were given headphones so it was easier to hear the music and the teacher. Such a great idea! The combo of yoga, music, on the beach, with the waves and the sun was magical! Then, we got an amazing experience learning about live coffee and were shown how to make it authentically. The coffee was some of the best I’ve ever had and I learned a lot!! Of course I bought some to take home too. 🙂 Everyone was super friendly and I’d highly recommend the experience!


Laura and AJ have a clear passion for coffee. This was an informative, interactive, and fun experience that resulted in an amazing cup of coffee. Its pretty special to come away with a bag of coffee that I hand-roasted myself. This is a must-do experience for any coffee enthusiast. (June 2019)