“If you never done anything like this and you are coffee lover, its a big sin to skip such an experience!” (Sept 2019)


“I came here for a combination coffee tasting and roasting class. It was exceptional and I learned so much about coffee! The owners were so welcoming and answered all my questions I had about coffee and the process of it. Not only did I get to taste all the different ways of brewing it, but I also got to taste the different varieties of coffee from the regions of Mexico. Then I got to roast my own, grind it and then brew it. What an incredible experience! If there is anything you need to know about coffee, this is your place to come!” (September 2019)


I bought this as an anniversary gift for my coffee-holic parents. They were blown away by the experience. AJ’s passion for coffee beans and roasting was infectious and my parents came home claiming that they will never drink Starbucks again. They learned so much and are even considering buying their own hand roaster now! I also am so grateful to Laura nad AJ for providing pastries to my parents for their anniversary– it made the experience extra special. Laura also kept in touch with me, letting me know how the tasting was going in real time. The whole team was so thoughtful and talented, we really appreciate them! (May 2019)


Laura and AJ’s personal and professional investment in speciality coffee is quickly obvious. Not only are they entrepreneurial in their effort to bring it to new, local markets; they also bleed passion for the joy speciality coffee brings them daily and the economic promise of community-driven and environmentally-friendly business practices. During the course of my experience, I learned a lot about the history of coffee in Mexico in addition to how to roast it. Afterwards, I also learned a bit about their lives – what they had done before discovering coffee, and what they hope to do in the near future – and shared a bit about mine. In short, we connected beyond our mutual passion for coffee, and I encourage others participating in this experience to connect with Laura and AJ too. I strongly recommend this experience! (May 2019)


I really enjoyed this experience. I was really excited to have the opportunity to try a hand roaster, and I learned a lot about specialty & Mexican coffee before we started roasting. (April 2019)