““This was an absolutely amazing experience. Lily was our yoga instructor and it was a wonderful flow!! Perfect way to start off our day! The music by Eric during our session made it such an immersive experience!! Laura and AJ make some of the most spectacular coffee….seriously will completely change how you see coffee. A must try experience.” (Oct 2019)


“This is a really unique experience. The hosts were flexible and adaptable to our needs as guests. The yoga was great exercise, the music was awesome and the coffee was delicious. I loved how they combined two experiences into one. Feel free to message the host in advance if you have questions or want to adapt it as Laura was extremely responsive. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a great way to start the day while meeting locals and hearing about Tulum.” (Oct 2019)


“Having gotten to the session late we were still welcomed with open arms. They were very understanding and warm. We were greeted with a delicious green juice and headed over to the beach to start the session. The instructor’s voice was so soothing it put me into a trance. Though I’m not a yoga expert I did try my best and loved it. There was a poem in the end that the instructor shared with us that left me thinking about my life and my next step. Honestly, towards the end of the session I teared up a little. After we were done on the beach we sat at the beachside cafe and enjoyed delicious oats. More than I expected. I actually wish I could eat them now writing this. And some really good coffee from Brew Tulum. We had really good conversation and I left feeling like I made some really good friends. I’ll be back to Tulum soon and I would definitely do this again. It is worth it!” (Aug 2019)


“There aren’t any words that can describe this experience and that’s because it’s more than just an experience or something to check off your list of things to do, as I thought. It really opened up my mind and my heart to the world around me. Laura, Lily, AJ and Eric (Eve and Zoey too) are a fantastic blend of positive energy and knowledge that really made me feel like I can do anything. Thank you guys so much for the spiritual awakening and I will be booking Lily and Eric for my childbirth someday lol (inside joke):)) Ill be back again!!” (Aug 2019)


“To say this experience was absolutely wonderful would be an understatement! Laura, Lilly, Eric, and AJ were so friendly and kind, and were wonderful hosts! The yoga session under the palm trees was honestly one of the most beautiful things I have every experienced, and the food and coffee were top notch! I can not recommend this experience highly enough!” (Aug 2019)


“My husband and I had a spectacular time! The yoga class was a very special experience, the coffee was incredible and the setting was gorgeous. We spent the rest of the day at the beach in front of the coffee shop and had a lovely day.” (Sept 2019)


“Hands down our favorite experience in Tulum. Laura was so kind and very accommodating. It was very beginner friendly, so literally anyone could do this experience and feel (Website hidden by Airbnb) only complaint was that we only did this once. Thanks Laura!” (Sept 2019)


“Great activity for those new to yoga and those with experience. Laura, Lily and Eric where a wonderful yoga/beats combo team. Once in a lifetime experience! Laura’s knowledge of coffee and overnight oats where a great addition as well. I definitely would rebook if ever in the area again!” (Sept 2019)


“Awesome experience. Awesome host. Awesome coffee. Delicious juice and oats Definitely a special memory of our trip to Tulum An overall unique experience for sure highly recommend this to everyone!” (Sept 2019)


“Hands down, Live Coffee and Yoga on the Beach at Brew Tulum was my favorite experience of all our adventures in the Riviera Maya. Laura and AJ have created a beautiful, welcoming space for amazing coffee, conversation and community. Even though we bought a bag of freshly roasted coffee to take home, it just won’t be the same as having their expert hands crafting the perfect cup and getting to sip it just steps from the incredible white sands beach. Of course, that’s after experiencing yoga with Lily and Erik of Audeo – Tulum, an immersive experience that merges relaxing movement and music. Fortunately for me, I got to do this twice. First, beneath the shelter of Brew Tulum with the smells of fresh coffee as a tropical rain fell, and a couple days later on a perfect day with a larger group under palm trees looking out on the ocean. After an invigorating hour of yoga, Laura served us breakfast, smoothies and some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. The hours of conversation that followed were among my favorite memories of our trip. The people behind Brew Tulum and Audeo -Tulum have created something very special in space that’s just breathtaking. It is no exaggeration to say that this experience itself has been the greatest motivator for returning to Tulum as soon as possible. I’m so grateful I got to meet Laura, AJ, Lily and Eric and experience the wonderful things they’ve built. This will definitely be our first stop when my husband and I return!” (Oct 2019)