“I came here for a combination coffee tasting and roasting class. It was exceptional and I learned so much about coffee! The owners were so welcoming and answered all my questions I had about coffee and the process of it. Not only did I get to taste all the different ways of brewing it, but I also got to taste the different varieties of coffee from the regions of Mexico. Then I got to roast my own, grind it and then brew it. What an incredible experience! If there is anything you need to know about coffee, this is your place to come!” (September 2019)


“Delicious and informative, would highly highly recommend! Laura and AJ are extremely knowledgeable about coffee, not to mention great at making it…Got to taste many different coffees, different than anything we had drank before, and learned tons about the history of coffee and the practices of growing and brewing it…Well worth your money and time..Thank you Laura and AJ!” (March 2019)


“Such an amazing experience that will undoubtedly leave you with a newfound perspective on coffee. Delicious variety of coffee, in-depth knowledge and a fun, yet educational experience. I’d highly recommend for anyone who likes coffee.”


“This is an amazing experience! Laura made us feel at home and shared her expertise. The setting is gorgeous and the coffee is delicious! They even made space for our little 2.5 year old to wander and explore. Would definitely recommend for a very relaxing, informative time. It is also quite unique to the area. Thanks so much Laura!” (April 2019)


“Laura and AJ have a clear passion for coffee. This was an informative, interactive, and fun experience that resulted in an amazing cup of coffee. Its pretty special to come away with a bag of coffee that I hand-roasted myself. This is a must-do experience for any coffee enthusiast.” (June 2019)


“…The beach yoga & LIVE coffee event exceeded our expectations and we cannot recommend this enough!…The combo of yoga, music, on the beach, with the waves and the sun was magical!…The coffee was some of the best I’ve ever had and I learned a lot!! Of course I bought some to take home too. Everyone was super friendly and I’d highly recommend the experience!” (June 2019)